What not to do during a job interview

You already know you need a good education, some decent work experience and a little charisma. But when you show up to an interview, you should really consider these small mistakes that could make all the difference.
  1. Don't wear cologne/perfume. Just take a shower and show up clean. You never know when you'll meet an interviewer who is allergic to cologne or has an overall aversion to strong smells.
  2. Don't discuss religion or politics. Interviewers don't need to know that you've accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior.
  3. Don't mispronounce common words. "May I ax you a question?" "Sure, I'd like a glass of wudder please."
  4. Don't talk shit about previous employers. When they ask you why you're leaving your current position, just say you've learned a great deal in your time there but you don't think it's a great fit for you. They don't want to hear negativity.
  5. Don't use curse words. You might think it sounds charming to say "shit" in an interview. Trust me - it's not. Save that kind of language for the blogosphere.
And above all else, act like you're happy to be there. And tell them you want the job. What else?

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