Time is an illusion

So here's the deal with the end of "time". Sure, it could be the apocalypse. But it could also mean the end of time as we currently understand it. See, time isn't linear. Our two dimensional calendars oversimplify what is in essence a 4 dimensional (or infinitely evolving) concept. i.e. Time is a river. If any of the following things occur today, we'll be forced to reevaluate what time means, essentially starting our calendars over at zero (Timewave Zero). 1. Someone figures out a way to travel at the speed of light. Time for that individual "stops" and we have to accept the idea that time is a human construct, not a universal truth. 2. Someone invents a functional time machine. Instantly, the world will be flooded with time travelers, all of whom can explain to us the flaws in our concept of time. 3. Aliens arrive on earth (or they're already here and they make themselves known). Same deal as the time travelers. 4. Someone figures out a way to dump their human consciousness into a machine, creating in essence everlasting life. Again, time as we know it becomes obsolete. 5. The apocalypse. You know - this is the end, beautiful friend. I don't know when it's going to happen. After all, we're still here. But at some point (soon?) we're going to have to acknowledge that time is an illusion.
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